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GoZero Mile is an electric bicycle built for performance. Built with Mild steel frame, a powerful yet noiseless 36V 250W Hub Motor, highly efficient 300WH battery pack, LCD Display with 5 levels of pedal assist, GoZero One will give you the ultimate experience. This electric bicycle is perfect for both On-Road rides and daily commute.



  • POWERFUL MOTOR : GoZero Mile has 250W BLDC Hub Motor with 32 Nm torque. This powerful yet noiseless motor will give you thrilling experience. The motor has waterproof cables which adds an extra layer to the product safety.
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY : GoZero Mile comes with a 300 Wh Lithium-Ion battery. The battery pack has high quality 18650 3C cells with more than 1000 charging cycles. The battery is portable making it easy to carry and charge anywhere.
  • LED DISPLAY : The LED display gives you gives you information about current PAS Level and the amount of battery left. The display lets you control your pedal assist levels and turn On the Headlight.
  • PEDAL ASSIST SYSTEM : GoZero Mile has 3 levels of Pedal Assist which can be controlled from the display. The 12 magnets PAS Sensor allows you to tran increasing the range. The higher the PAS Level, higher the assistance you will get from the motor.
  • PREMIUM EXPERIENCE : JAK Disc brakes and OrbiShox forks add to the premium feel and experience. High quality components used in GoZero Mile makes it a premium electric bicycle.

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The 250W Motor is noiseless and highly efficient. This powerful geared motor with 32Nm torque will give you a thrilling experience. The motor comes with waterproof cables which makes it favourable for all seasons. Using quality components the motors are made to last long.


The LED display is the perfect companion to keep a check on your ride. The display gives you different informations which includes Current PAS level and battery indicator as well.The display allows you to go through different PAS levels ranging from 1-3.


The 300Wh battery is made with 18650 3C LG cells. The battery is made with quality components to make sure it is highly efficient. With over 800 charging cycles the battery is bound to last long. The battery takes 3.5 hrs to get completely charged. The battery comes with Hailong down tube casing which makes it look sporty as well as elegant.

Orbishox Fork

GoZero Mile comes with high performing Orbishox Forks. The 100 mm Orbishox fork will give you the ultimate experience. The off-road rides become much smoother. It is specifically designed for Bad terrains and it is also perfect for On-Road rides.

Jak Disc Brakes

GoZero Mile comes with both rear and front Jak Disc Brakes. The disc brakes are world class and make your ride highly safe and secure. The brakes are electronically wired to cut-off the power to the motor whenever brake levers are pulled making your ride more secure.


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