Are these the right times to go for Electric Cycles?

Slowly and with caution, our country is coming out of the lockdown blues. One will soon hear the sounds of instruments cranking in the factories, offices are opening, and shutters of the shops are coming up. In short, life is getting back to normalcy. 


There is no doubt that the world after COVID will change and sooner new norms and SOPs of behaving in public places will be accepted. Friends, for the rest of our lives we are going to live in the COVID era. In these times, the public transport system will pass through a litmus test. We all are aware of how developed Indian cities public transport system is?


Take for an example the case of a typical city bus. Whereas the capacity of it is not more than 60 passengers, they are overcrowded to that extent that passengers barely breathe. Far worse is the situation of smaller public transport mediums. Often in tier 2 towns, we find people hanging outside the auto rickshaws. These kinds of scenarios pose the gravest threat to community health as there is the greatest danger of community spread of communicable disease like COVID.  


Surely, Governments cannot remain ignorant of these situations. But as they say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it will take some time before governments fix up these issues. By then there is a danger that a lot of water would have flown down the bridge.


Likewise, people will find different ways of keeping themselves fit physically. For a brief period, fitness freaks will maintain distance from gymnasiums, swimming pools or playgrounds and focus on individual sports. 


In these times, cycling becomes one of the best options available. Other than keeping you fit, it helps in maintaining physical distancing. Time and again, the importance of cycling as the wholesome exercise has been mentioned. Needless to say, that electric cycling is a lifestyle now. It serves multiple purposes; It can take you to places like your office, bazaars help in improving the environment, reduces pollution and of course, & cycling is a synonym of good health.


Therefore, let’s be awakened, as it’s a matter of our and family’s health and life. This is the high time when we start thinking of some innovative and cost-effective ways that can serve multiple purposes. Electric Cycles or E-bikes are one of the best-suited options available.   

Gozero E-bikes are one of the best products in this category. Go zero mobility e-bicycles have various features like modes of operation that include pedal-assist mode, throttle mode, and cruise mode. The high-end display provides all the information regarding; battery level, distance covered, motor’s temperature, and error control.


That’s not all. Go-zero has fully developed distribution network and we will try to ensure that we follow physical distancing norms at each of our outlets so that you can experience an amazing buying process. Other than it, we also highly evolved online buying process. You can purchase it from portals like Amazon or visit our website

We wish you all a happy and healthy life. Stay Safe from Corona. Let’s fight it. 



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