Can COVID 19 challenge be met by Cycling

COVID 19, popularly known as Corona Virus has created havoc around the Globe. Because of the pandemic, the world has come to stop. The head of the states have issued various advisories. Can COVID 19 challenge be met by Cycling

People are not coming out of their homes; they are afraid to go to offices, cinema halls are empty, malls are waiting for the shoppers to visit. The situation is so precarious that people are hesitating in using public transport.

COVID 19 has thrown at many challenges and serious questions at us. It has made us rethink our lifestyles. People are being by advised the Governments to stay at home. A few experts are claiming that temporarily changing our routine is absolutely necessary to slow down the spread of the pandemic.

In India, the Government is taking all the necessary steps to counter the challenge of COVID 19. Most of the states have issued advisories of dos and don’ts. A few states have even banned group travels.

Fear is; that if the situation continues for some time, not only it will lead to wide-scale disasters, the world economy will tumble down.

Till the time experts and governments fight out this disease with a cure let’s introspect where we have gone wrong and how can we correct the past wrongdoings?  

Is our sedentary lifestyle also responsible for it? The half answer is yes.

Therefore, it’s time to switch to a healthy lifestyle. People are looking at conventional ways of living. They are wearing masks, adopting conventional ways of greeting in place of handshakes. Rather of hugs, they are maintaining distance. They are following the basic rules of hygiene that we have read in primary classes. Air-conditioners are being avoided as all want the temperature to rise. But what about travelling when necessary? What mode of transport should be undertaken as public transport is not safe?

As far as travelling or commuting to the office and nearby area is concerned, electric cycles should be considered as an option. Not only Electric Cycles will keep you healthy, but they will also help you to avoid public transport. electric cycles Moreover, as they are battery fitted, they will shorten the time of travelling. Cycling means exercising. Therefore, you are not required to hit the gym also.

Scientists and doctors are claiming that COVID is affecting more on those whose immune system is weak. Exercising through cycling will strengthen your immune system. Hence, your body will be fit to fight any such virus.

If this happens, it will give a chance to the environment to get itself in order as pollution will be less, the air will be a lot cleaner.

It’s the time for the world to get united and fight such pandemics. Sooner, the world will get over this pandemic. But for now, every positive, howsoever the small it is, a step will get us to inch closer to the victory against Corona Virus.



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