Cycling Towards a Better Life

Cycling Towards a Better Life

Cycling Towards a Better Life

Bicycles have come a long way. The black-colored cycle is still visible on the Indian roads, but trendier, sporty-looking bicycles have flooded the Indian market and why is it so?

People have understood the importance of health, Cycling Towards a Better Life and cycling is one of those means to stay fit. People of all ages and all genders have understood the importance of an in-shape body. There are many ways to exercise like going to the gym, attending yoga classes, aerobic exercises, cycling just to name a few.

On its utility front, this may be considered as the best mode of transport for traveling short distances, at one’s convenience, without depending on someone else and also doing one’s bit towards having a cleaner environment.

Also, it can be taken up as a long term hobby. It is an enjoyable outdoor activity where people of all ages from toddlers to old people irrespective of gender can participate. The best part is that it fits into one’s lifestyle easily as compared to many other activities like swimming which depends on season and availability. No, it’s not a comparison between swimming and cycling but only an example of the flexibility of one activity over the other.

When one talks of cycling and health, one needs to understand that it’s both the physical and mental health that gets a boost.  On the physical level, cycling strengthens the heart, develops stamina, and betters blood circulation thus reducing the chances of coronary heart diseases which is one of the causes of death even for middle-aged people. The repetitive pedaling movements, tone up the muscle found below the waistline like that of the thighs and legs. Calories that get burned due to cycling at a moderate to fast pace will help to stay healthy and as the old saying goes – “health is wealth”.

As one cycles, he or she uses both legs in circular motions, uses hands for steering the bicycle, and increases coordination skills which result in better agility, reaction time, and athleticism. Simply put, it’s a simple and fun way to become healthy and stay fit and have a longer productive life (Markham, 2011).

All types of exercises nourish the brain and here comes the relationship between cycling and mental health. As mentioned earlier, cycling increases the flow of blood through the heart, muscles, and brain. As one pedals, it leads to additional discharge by the nerve cells which increase the formation of proteins.  Besides, exercises encourage the activity levels of the neurotransmitters and help in the efficient communication between old and newly formed brain cells.  As mentioned by Yeager (2014), exercising adults displays better memory skills, enhanced concentration levels, and greater problem-solving abilities as compared to those who are inactive.

Besides one’s own health, bicycles improve the health of our environment and society and Cycling towards a Better Life. It reduces a person’s carbon footprint and is considered a green method of transport when compared with fossil fuel burning cars. So, when people are healthy, energetic, active, and breathing less polluted air, society as whole benefits.

So, one can ask why eBikes?  Simple, electric bikes have all the goodness of bicycles as discussed earlier and is convenient, easy, and effortless, and we know we humans trend to repeat things which we like, so the propensity of exercising and staying healthy increases as one rides an eBike more often and for longer distances, thus working towards a healthier and pollution-free world.

Gozero Mobility is a UK based electric bike manufacturer and is a leading player in this industry. With their premium high-performance eBikes, they are a perfect choice for all those who wish to pedal to a better life. As one has said, “you are only one ride away from a good mood and a healthy body”.


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