E-bikes ready to transform the old world !

While the most of us are ascending towards a better and brighter future, our planet’s health is declining in an alarming rate towards world-wide calamity. Everyone is trying to do their best to prevent such a happening. And a result of this need for environment safe alternatives, a new branch of vehicles have emerged, The Electric Vehicles or EVs.

Electric vehicles, as suggested by the name, runs on electricity powered batteries instead of petroleum or diesel powered ones. But is electric run vehicles environmentally safer than the commercial vehicles? Millions of people have had at least this one question. The answer is yes. Studies show that the emission free Electric vehicles cause lesser harm than the petrol-diesel run vehicles cause by their carbon di oxide and other nitrous emissions. In the huge possibility of Electric vehicles, the world has already witnessed an onslaught of electric buses, electric cars, electric bikes and many other modes of transport . One particular mode which has just gained popularity in our country is the electric bicycle.

Why does one need a powered bicycle?

Simple answer. To reduce usage of cars and motorcycles for comparatively shorter journeys which may be difficult in normal bicycles. Unfortunately such a beneficial item remains in the shadows in the Indian market. This situation can be accounted for by a number of causes.

One can be the cost of an ebike. Electric bicycles have a significantly higher sales cost which give an excuse to many probable buyers to back out. The underlying cause of this high price is the unavaibility of production parts in India. The indigenous as well as other companies who want to manufacture the bicycles in India have to incur extra costs required to get appropriate parts from dealers abroad.  As a result there appears an unbalance in supply-demand chain of electric bicycle, which in turn raises the price

In India the lack of awareness about traffic laws and environment safe alternatives have also contributed to the late appearance of electric bicycles.Traffic laws state that to ride an electric bicycle doesn’t require a license as long as it’s speed is limited to 25 kmph. So most of the ebikes don’t require a legal license for operation.

 The absence of bicycle tracks or congested roads of many cities in India do not provide a safe place to ride bicycles. Charging of batteries and appropriate charging stations also pose as a disadvantage.

All these problems can be overcome gradually by increasing the social awareness among people . Which can be done by introducing various community’s about ebikes.

The available bicycles in Indian market provide a good range of selections for those who can afford them . But as the popularity of ebikes increases in india, there is a huge probability that completely independent indigenous start ups or companies will start manufacturing ebikes at a much lower costs this making it available to one and all. GoZero Mobility Pvt. Ltd is one such company who are making 80% of components in India. They have launched two quite affordable ebikes GoZero One and GoZero Mile which can give upto 60km range in one full charge . That is a lot considering that the batteries are portable and can fit into any regular domestic outlet. The products of GoZero Mobility Pvt. Ltd. have really set a benchmark and simultaneously paved a way for more affordable ebikes in  India.  Thus providing a safer healthier and advantageous commute solution.

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