High Performance Best Electric bicycles in India in 2020 – Gozero

Gozero Mobility works in this particular thought and they have introduced the Best Electric Bicycles in India.

It is very much admirable that currently, we are thinking of saving our mother nature. We all should think of this a little earlier so that we could introduce it long back in our country. Currently, we are in a situation that drives us to think of our “health” as the most priority thing.

Best Electric bicycles in India in 2020

Nowadays everyone is talking about social distancing. But, work must go on as the government has already started ‘unlock’ phases across the nation. We all need to back to our normal routine.

Back into a normal routine should not affect our health. People are so concern to avail of public transport. Rather than taking public transport people are more conscious about the usage of own or shared vehicles.

A country like India many people are not having a car or a two-wheeler and family needs money to keep its wheel moving. People are compromising social distancing by commuting in a public mode.

Can we think of something cheaper and a healthy option for us!

Gozero Mobility works in this particular thought and they have introduced Electric Bicycles in India.

This is a cheaper option that anyone can afford to avoid public transport within the city limit.

But the question is – Can anyone afford these electric bicycles?

High Performance Electric bicycles in India

Mostly will have the same question in mind that what are the price options they are offering and can common people afford it?

The answer is yes, for at least in the case of Gozero Mobility.

Here are the few key specifications that help you understand what Gozero Mobility is offering at this cheap price point that other companies can’t afford to give.

High Performance E-Bicycle India - Gozero

  • Geared BLDC Motor with 250watt
  • 400watt Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 36V/15A controller with integrated Battery casing
  • Water Proof
  • LCD Display with 5-Level Padal Assist and Backlit Display
  • Steel Hard Tail and Front Suspension
  • Electric Disc Brakes
  • Comfortable PU Seat with quick-release handle-grip along with palm rest

Currently, they have launched with the following two options and later many more models to come.

  1. Gozero One
  2. Gozero Mile.

The range is starting from 20K that every health-conscious people can look for.

Gozero Mobility is one of the affordable electric bicycles that the company is offering.

The further catch is that is no-cost EMI that can help instantly for the potential customer.

Following Our Warranty Policy that covers all the necessary points from a consumer point.

1 Year Warranty for Motor and Battery.
6 Months Warranty on components mentioned below:
1. Fork
2. Headlights
3. Taillights
4. Display
5. Connectors
6. E-brakes
7. Controllers

For further inquiry please visit our website www.gozero.in

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