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Winters are gone and the season of springs has added springs in your life. In this season, you love travelling and going distances. The vagaries of weather don’t bother you much.

Love Cycling, Go NetherlandsCycling is one of the best activities to be undertaken these days. In India, cycling is picking up. However, if you are love cycling, you must visit Netherland at least once in your lifetime.

I know you must be thinking that I a gone nerd. No, not at all!

Dutch prefers cycling over other modes of transportation. As per the estimate, 36% of citizens use cycle. Wikipedia mentions that in Netherland, Cycling has as a modal share of 27% of all trips (urban and rural) nationwide.

Well, isn’t it quite surprising? There are reasons for it. But it wasn’t the case before one tragedy that shook the nation and changed everything.

Netherland, like any other European Country, loved motorbikes. Roads were congested, and cyclists rubbed tyres with kerb.

Cars compounded the problem further. In 1971, 3000 died in road accidents, out of which 450 were children.

It shook the nation. In response, a social movement called ‘Stop de Kindermoord’ (Stop the Child Murder) demanding safer cycling conditions for children started. It took its name from the headline of an article written by journalist Vic Langenhoff whose kid died in a road accident.

Two years later, the Oil crisis added fuel to the fire when oil-producing countries stopped supplying oil to European countries.

These two pressures made the Dutch Government to develop the cycling infrastructure in the country.

As a result, Cycle pathscycle tracksprotected intersections, & bicycle parking stands sprang up all over the country. Pedal-power got the preference over horse-power. On the roads & at roundabouts, cars waited patiently for cyclists to go. Cycle paths connecting towns to rural were constructed.

Love Cycling, Go Netherlands 2nd ImageThe Government inducted cycling as part of the curriculum for kids. It made accident rules that covered cyclists & they felt powerful.

However, they had a preference they aren’t allowed to break the laws. They are supposed to commute in dedicated lanes, penalized for wrong parking.

Dutch go mad when they find an old bicycle on the road. The rider of it is viewed with awe.

Gradually cycling has become a culture in Netherland. They love cycling. When any activity becomes a part of the culture, it lasts long.

You would be surprised why it can’t happen in our country? The good news is that Central & State governments have started thinking on similar lines. Recently, the transport minister of the state Government of Rajasthan launched a campaign urging people to come office on cycle just for one day in the month.

If people of the country take to cycling & the Governments supports, there is no reason why India can become a paradise for cyclists.

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