Save Environment Stay Healthy, Ride an E-Bicycle in The Year 2020!

Saving the environment has become a priority for all governments. With rapidly decreasing fossil fuel reserves and rapidly changing climatic conditions; the emission norms are becoming stringent with each passing day.

Governments & Companies are investing fortunes in developing alternative sources of energy. In this scenario, E battery has become a phenomenon. E-Bicycle Traffic ImageThere are Electric cars, E-Bikes and E-cycles. Amongst all these, the latest is the best option available as it serves the dual purpose of saving time and improving health and thus results in doing a bit towards saving the environment.

Other than the traditional way of cycling, battery fitted E-Cycle enables users to travel medium distances like 25-50 km at a comfortable speed. In India, various state governments are giving a thrust to promote E-Cycles.

E- Cycles are also the best option to be used in large academic campuses, institutional localities, big manufacturing cum residential townships. Cycling enthusiasts at times travel long distances. They find e-cycles as the best to use as it can ferry them back, once they are exhausted.

In academic institutes, the teachers and scholars prefer e-cycle as the best medium of transport from one department to another or while going back to hostels. Moreover, it is comfortable on the pockets of budget constraint students. E-cycles are easy to use and maintain. Companies involved in manufacturing e-cycles are opening various service centres for servicing them.

All in all, the biking has been redefined. It has become conscious of environment, health and of course, the budget. So don’t wait any further. Go E-Cycling all the way. Save environment ride an e-bicycle.Save environment ride an e-bicycle





Let’s join the movement of making our environment breathe out more of oxygen so that we can breathe in healthy. Save environment ride an e-bicycle.Gozero E-Bicycle Happy New Year Wish


We wish our readers a great & healthy in the year 2020 and this decade!!



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