Tour countries with e-bikes

“Cyclers see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens.”- Dr. K.K. Doty.

They get the full experience of the terrain and weather as well as the people on the road they ride. Biking tours are a popular method to travel and enjoy and to let your hair loose in the wind. The hindrance being the huge amount of exercise on has to do to travel 20-30 kms in one day. So uptil now cycling tours were only for the staunch and experienced cyclists, who can keep up with the demand of such extensive exercise. Older people, noncyclists and people with injuries were a complete no no for 
cycling tours. 
Now with the advent of electric powered cycles the scope can be expanded to include a majority of people, who previously did not even consider the possibility of going on cycling tours. This advancement might not be taken in a good way by the traditional cyclists. In fact a lot of cyclists do not consider an electric cycle to an actual cycle, rather a motorized vehicle. The throttle mode of electric bicycles can destroy the integrity of cycling through tracks and exercising to burn up calories. This myth has been revealed in a wonderful and informative blog by “Average Joe Cyclist”, whose link is . if one goes through the blog, he shall know that the calories burned by riding an e-bike in pedal assist mode id not much less than that burned by riding a normal bike. Moreover in a group of cyclists, conventional cyclists might look with contempt towards e-bike riders, as they have the opportunity to glide through difficult stretches while the push cycle riders struggle. But that can change with the change in views.
In india the cycle touring companies have not yet started stocking e=bikes. But several other companies abroad have started making provisions for e-bikes. For they are seeing an increase in demand of motorised bikes by 20-30 percent per year. So we can rightly conclude that the Indian market is not far behind.
There exists cycle tourism companies in India which avail tour through the expansive mountains of North East India, Northern India, the west coast and east coasts as well. These companies put more emphasis on local interactions and experiences, which sound very appealing. With the help of e-bikes now even the average person can travel their dream destinations on cycles, without dropping much sweat.

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